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I have completed my Sniper/DMR Loadout. Seen here with my tools of the trade: Black Pearl (Sniper), FrankenRifle (M4 DMR) and my MP5A3. The attached M4 pouches can be used for not only M4 mags but they can also be used for MP5 or MP40 mags. I also have on my loadout my radio pouch, Sniper mag pouch, water bottle carrier, sidearm, flashlight and a elastic single point sling attached directly to the Condor Tactical Vest.

In the radio pouch you will find a Motorola Walk About radio with a Fox Technology throat mic/earpiece system for clear communication. You can read my review on the Fox Technology Throat Mic system at: www.airsoft-squared.com/review/7430/fire-fox-throat-mic-paintball-edition

I would like for you the readers to notice that I am using a rock climbing chalk bag to carry a cycling water bottle for hydration. The tactical vest is a Condor CS: Modular Chest Set, please see my review at www.airsoft-squared.com/review/7516/condor-outdoor-cs-modular-chest-set.


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