WWII German MP40 Hop Up Repair

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After struggling with my MP40 for a few months I decided to break it down all the way. I discovered what the problem was. The hop up was broken at the hop up tube. So no ammo was feeding into the chamber properly and it had no compression due to the break.
I did my research to find a new hop up unit to discover that the stock unit is proprietary and every place I looked were out of stock. I began to research other alternatives and one I discovered was using an AK47 hop up unit with some modifications, new bucking and a new barrel. The stock unit is a all in one unit.
After my research I decided to attempt to fix my broken unit with what I had on hand. After looking at what I was dealing with and what items I had on hand I started the process of fixing my original hop up unit.
After several hours, patience and a little engineering know how I was able to repair my hop up unit. After reassembling the MP40 I put over 500 rounds through in my short shooting range and I happy to report that my MP40 is back in action.
This coming Sunday will be the true test in the field.
My MP40 Lives!!!

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