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Valuable lesson that I would like to share. I just wrote a blog post on the repair and testing of my WWII German MP40 Airsoft SMG. I decided to use some BBs I picked up at a game several months ago, they were a no name and cheap brand. While doing my initial testing I was having feed issues that had nothing to do with the original breakage of the hop up unit. After breaking down my MP40 approximately five times to figure out what could be the problem I decided to use my game day BBs to see if that would make a difference. Behold, my MP40 came to life with no feeding issues.

The point of the post is Don't buy/use cheap BBs/ammo!! Your weapon will function properly, your aim will be better and there will be less hassle in the field. I personally use two different brands of ammo with my weapons, I'm not going to tell you what brand to purchase everyone has their own opinion, but do yourself a big favor and use good name brand BBs/ammo.

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