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Intelligent Armour Limited is a tactical and military manufacturing firm based in the rural British countryside of Gloucestershire, about 25miles north of Bristol.

The company developed over time from its sister company International Intelligence Limited and in 2008 Intelligent Armour Limited became a separate company as part of intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited.

Across the group of companies various different activities are carried out, most around military and intelligence skills, these include intelligence, investigation, surveillance, close protection, counter espionage and the manufacture and supply of equipment.

The group has amassed a number of cool contracts over the past few years like Defensive Driver Training contracts with the United Nations, US State Department and an F1 Racing Team. As well of course supplying armour products to the likes of the FCO, HMRC & DFID among others.

Manufacturing in Britain
Since 2010 Intelligent Armour has undergone a number of changes from being a supplier of over 25 tactical brands to becoming more of a manufacturer, developing its own range of products; all made in the UK.

By 2015 it hopes to only offer only products that are made in the Britain by Intelligent Armour.

Many of the products that have been introduced have been made with the input of serving soldiers. The .338 Double Magazine Pouch is a prime example of this, this product was the idea of a member of 1 Rifles Sniper Platoon. They were only issued single magazine pouches and they were not of a very high quality. Another great example of working with a client to produce a great end product is the Intelligent Armour CT Team Riggers Belt. This was designed and developed in conjunction with a medic serving with UK Special Forces. He had an exact requirement and Intelligent Armour provided an end product that not only is a great functioning belt, but it will last for years.

Manufacturing standards
It is not easy manufacturing in the UK. Most military and tactical manufacturers, even the big names all look towards the Far East for production, with some in Europe looking to Eastern Europe, all looking to cut cost.

Intelligent Armour wanted to be different. Not only did they want to produce a Tier 1 product, but they wanted to do it all in the UK and all to very high specifications. Anyone who owns an IA Belt will tell you that not a stitch is out of place and the finishing and presentation of the belt is not what you would expect from a military equipment manufacturer.

For far too long end-users have been sold equipment that is not fit for purpose or that has redundancy designed into the product. Intelligent Armour want to reverse that trend and produce products that are designed and developed with the end-users and that will last over time, working first and every time in the field.

Intelligent Armour works with companies like Cordura and YKK to ensure that quality of materials, right down to the type 69 Nylon bonded threat that it imports from the USA because the same product and standard does not exist in the UK or Europe.

Intelligent Armour and you
Check out Intelligent Armour, support it in its manufacturing, just pop in for a look and see equipment in production. Have an idea? Talk with them, they are happy to discuss requirements.

As a footnote, in 2013 Intelligent Armour launched its own casual clothing brand, “Social Hand Grenade”, featuring t-shirts and hoodies like the recent FOXTROT OSCAR range; very cool and street and well worth checking out.

For more information on Intelligent Armour, see:


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