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Last Sunday while at SPECWAR/SacAir's Lincoln Mission day, Sam, one of the employees of Airsoft Extreme Sacramento and I had a conversation about my MP5. My MP5 has been down for a couple of months. Sam invited me to the shop to look over and test my MP5 which I have been working on for a few months.
Yesterday I drove down to Airsoft Extreme, about an hour drive, to purchase some ammo and to see Sam about my MP5. Sam and the staff greeted me warmly and I handed my MP5 over to the caring hands of Sam and the staff. After about 20 minutes Sam comes out from the back shop area with my MP5 to give me the diagnosis. All my MP5 needed was a new high torque motor, which means I put the gear box back together properly. Sam installed the motor for me free of charge. I bought my ammo, a new patch for my load-out and I left Airsoft Extreme a happy Airsofter.
Thank you Sam and the staff for making my day and my Airsofting weekend.

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