AAR: Drake Field Mission Day April 12, 2014

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Today at Drake Field the 'Ghost' had a 4:1 kill ratio!!(4 opposition kills per 1 of my own deaths) In the first scenario I worked with two other older/experienced operators, calling ourselves 'two big and old'. Our threesome consisted of two riflemen and a DMR (me). We stopped a Diamond Corps (Home Team) squad of at least 8 to 10 operators from coming over the top of the field of play and foiled there objective. We accomplished this by using good communication (hand signals) and Teamwork, which for the most part was pure instinct and years of experience.
The second scenario I worked with another Sniper as his spotter, we were a great team again using good communication and Teamwork. We worked the low side of the field of play using stealth and not rushing our movements. At one point my Sniper had a open opportunity for a critical shot, I was spotting in a while leaning on a boulder and my Sniper used my back as a bi-pod. I coordinated our breathing and he got the kill. We were credited with several kills for our team effort.
The third and final scenario was after lunch. I went off on my own and found a Snipers perch without a spotter (my Sniper partner was fixing his weapon). Once the scenario started it was like a turkey shoot for me, targets (OpFor) kept popping up in my scope...lol. I even had a pistol kill as one of the opposition tried to climb into my perch.
I'm loving the DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) and the Sniper roles I have adopted just a few short months ago.
I would like to thank Diamond Corps for hosting a good Mission Day.

Sniper & DMR

Ghost Pirate

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