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Calling of 'Hits', this has been a dilemma that I have been dealing with since my WWII reenacting days some 20 years ago. When I was reenacting there was no 'bullets' or BBs to struck by. In Airsoft we have 6 mm BBs that we use to strike the OpFor (Opposition Forces). You would think there would be no issues with when you are 'Hit'/killed in the a scenario.
Our Sport of Airsoft is about integrity and honor. I knows what your thinking, 'Oh, another article about taking your hits'. Actually it's quite the opposite. If you shoot a person you know for a fact has the integrity to take their hit. Than why after they call out "Hit" and do the appropriate actions such as using a 'death rag' and weapon in the air, do some people continue to shoot? I under stand a stray round or two but continuing stream of rounds?
I'm sure there are several possible reasons for this but I won't list them here. What are your thoughts and how would you handle a situation like this?


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