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Is Airsoft a Sport or Hobby, that is my question for you this day. I know from my background of WWII reenacting and now Airsofting I would definitely call Airsofting a Sport.
Also in my background which is not in my profile is that I'm a competitive road cyclist specializing in Individual Time Trialing. Yes I train, eat correctly, drink the expensive sports drinks, etc.
I bring this up because I'm sponsored by ICEdot icedot.org an emergency identification and notification system for athletes and anyone who wants peace of mind just in case. I posted an AAR in our Facebook group one day a few months ago and I think I received a single 'Like' out of all the tr-athletes, marathon runners, extreme sports folks, cyclists, etc. I wasn't shocked but a bit puzzled. I know after a full day of Airsofting my whole body hurts, all my energy is drained, I'm sore all over, you get the gist.
I'm sure some of you consider this a hobby and you get some good exercise when you game. Than there are Operators like me who consider Airsofting a sport. We train with our weapons in backyards, out in field, jog to stay in shape and maybe hit the gym.
Our Sport/Hobby is more than just pulling the trigger of a battery operated rifle shooting BBs at each other. The is of course the weapon element, there the physicality that we put our bodies through each time we go to a mission day, there's multiple tactics/scenarios we deal with, the mental awareness, hand eye coordination, and the list goes on and on.
What are your thoughts on the question of 'Is Airsoft a Sport or a Hobby'?

I now need to go do some target practice...lol

Sniper & DMR


Unycorn I have the same opinion as rkshirey, can be all (sport, hobby and passion)

4 years ago

rkshirey I think airsoft is a combination of sport, hobby, and passion.

4 years ago
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