Biodegradable Airsoft BBs vs. Regular

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Biodegradable Airsoft BBs vs. Regular Airsoft BBs

There are so many opinions on this subject and I'm sure you have heard them all.

Lets take a look at the subject:

-They say that they 'breakdown' in the matter of month to a few years.
-Quality is lacking
-Tend to shatter or break on impact o hard objects like googles, weapons, etc.
- Good for the environment
-Have a oily film which is not good for any Airsoft weapon
-Cost more than regular

-Better quality
-Tend not to shatter or break upon impact
-Less expensive
-Too many cheap/bad versions
-Last for 10 to 100 years
-Bad for the environment
-More weight variations

What's your opinion and/or feelings on the subject of Biodegradable Airsoft BBs vs. Regular Airsoft BBs?


taktikairsoft At Taktik Airsoft we sell our own brand of bbs "Taktikal".

We did 3 years of research, 23 samples of different types of bio bbs from 7 reputable manufactures. I can share with our own personal observations on how we picked our bbs type and why.

In the bio world of bbs you have liquid and powder based materials. Most of the problems associated with bio bbs are related to powder. They were the first generation of bio bbs. These are the ones you can buy in big chain stores. Less of these bbs are available now but the reputation stain to bio bbs has endured.

The new bio bbs are made from plastics, as are the none bio bbs. The different is that the plastics are organic based and not petroleum based making them biodegradable. If you are looking into bio bbs make certain they are made with one of these bio plastics: PHA, PHB, PLA.

Taktikal bbs are as good as any none bio plastic bbs if not better. So for us the myth of bio bbs being a bad choice does not apply.

Accuracy: 1 inch grouping at 50 feet with 6.05mm barrel 340mm length

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