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In Scotland hundreds of years ago men used to wear and go into battle wearing what is commonly known as a 'great kilt'. It was normally 9 yards of fabric woven in their clans tartan (colors & pattern). The cloth would be gathered around the waist with pleats in the back and they normally left enough to be able to have a sash to go over their shoulder. Kilt fabric is made of wool in varying weights.

Soldiers from the British Isles Serving the crown have gone to battle/war in kilts for multiple generations.

Kilts today are handmade by tailors in Scotland per the measurements of the customer (like mine was). They still use 9 yards of fabric which gets quite heavy on your waist and hips over time. Below you see me in my Clan Nicholson kilt.

What does this have to do with Airsoft. I will tell you. 5.11 has released their 2014 Tactical Duty Kilts. I have placed a dare out to all my Airsoft friends that if everyone pitches in for a 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt for me I will wear it to every Airsoft Mission Day/Game for a month.

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