Are you a Creative Airsoft Operator?

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Are you the type of person who looks at the latest gadget of piece of equipment and thinks 'I can make that'? With these times be tight and budgets being tighter some times you need to be creative.
Being a theatre technician by trade I create some out of nothing all the time. I have brought this talent into my sport of Airsoft.
I have created several pies of my load-out rig to include my bungee single point sling that attaches to both my tactical vest and I added 'D' rings to my plate carrier shoulder pads to accommodate the sling.
Being in the production industry I have pouches for just about every tool or electronic gadget that I own. I have re-purposed them for radio pouches, sniper rifle mag pouch and other uses.
The sidearm thigh rig I wear was made out of scrap materials that I had lying around from other pieces of equipment. I studied many thigh rigs before I built mine.
My latest creation is a medium/large drop bag. I used some black fabric and some other hardware I had and I went to sewing on the good old sewing machine. When it was finished it looks good and works great.

Share some of the items you have created for your great sport...


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