AAR: Phantom Corsair's Mission Day - April 27th 2014

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The day started with a bit of a light drizzle and a bit chilly for 'Sunny California'. As I wait in the parking lot the vehicles start pulling in with Operators. 14 total operators for the day, better than last week's 5.
The first scenario was an attack and defend. My platoon was on the attack. I took a squad and worked the west side of the field and flushed the OpFor into the hands of the other squad of my team. Success #1!
We reversed the roles for second scenario. I took up a snipers position with my M4 DMR and had another squad mate with me to give me cover fire and to watch my '6'. The OpFor out flanked my squad and I was taken out early. Despite my early demise my team won the the scenario. Two for Two.
Third and final scenario was 'Force on Force Death Match'. The team captain of the OpFor team wanted the win badly to redeem his two previous losses. For this scenario I had switched over to my MP5 because I knew that this would be a close order fight. My team push hard right from the start. The OpFor kept on falling back further into the brush...Bam, I'm hit. My squad kept on pushing forward. The Opfor set-up an ambush area just on the edge of the brush line. It came down to one operator from my team vs. One operator on the Opfor team. My operator was taken out in a blaze of BBs...

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