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Ace1Arms has a new product in the market that will without a doubt make the life a lot easier for all you Kriss Vector users out there, their new ACE 1 ARMS – KRISS VECTOR RIGHT HAND MAGAZINE RELEASE will make your reloads a lot more quicker and easier to do under stress and save you those few seconds that can make the difference between hitting someone or go to the respawn because you got hit while you were reloading.


We do realized that the KRISS Vector have a reloading problem. Shooters can only reload the magazine by their left hand. Meanwhile, they also have to hold the magazine in left hand too. These makes the reloading speed pretty slow and inefficient, more seriously, it may lead the magazine fallen on the ground by miss holding the magazine. Ace1arms now had presented to you a new revolution product for the KRISS Vector. Here is the KRISS Vector Right Hand Magazine Release. We had designed an extend magazine release bar for the shooter to push the magazine button by right hand, in the meanwhile, they can hold the falling magazine with their left hand. The magazine release can increase the fun and practicability of the KRISS Vector. It’s a product you can’t miss it if you own a KRISS Vector.

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