New Kalashnikov Sniper and PA90 by King Arms

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After few months of hard work, King Arms has finally finished the development and production of its newest rifles. Let's see what we have available now for you KA lovers!

Kalashnikov Sniper Rifles (Air Cocking and AEG) :

The deluxe versions of the Kalashnikov Sniper Rifle are here finally! Both the Air Cocking and AEG are available.

Equipped with Real Wood handguard and stock, shiny surface finishing just like the real steel. You can feel the different once you get a hold of it. For sure is one of the highest quality rifles in the current market, which has the most affordable price tag!

KA-AG-91-WO Kalashnikov Sniper Rifle (Real Wood Version Air Cocking)
KA-AG-92-WO Kalashnikov Sniper Rifle (Real Wood Version AEG)

P90 AEG :

Want your guns to be in camoflouge pattern but don't know how? KA has the solution for you.

King Arms is now launching the P90 AEG to you, the first weapon from their Water Tranfer series. It is avaialble in either ACU and DD pattern and does carry the same high product quality as all KA items.

The most stylish ambidextrous operated PDW is now up.

KA-AG-125-ACU King Arms P90 AEG in ACU Pattern
KA-AG-125-DD King Arms P90 AEG in DD Pattern


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