Phantom Corsairs - Weekly Mission Day - May 4th 2014

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Today was a good day of Airsofting for the Ghost. We had nearly 20 operators today.
The first scenario Team Elvis decided to defend against the Phantom Corsairs and the other guest operators, approximately a 3:1 ratio. I led a small squad down the west side of the playing grounds. We could hear the small contingent of Team Elvis so I split my squad and I took my operators on the east side of a grove of trees and sent the other to continue on the western side. as we cautiously approached the tree line we started to take fire from above. One of my squad gets killed and I take out the sniper in the tree.
I continue even more cautiously through the brush and trees. I'm alone at this point but I know I have two of my squad on my right/west side moving forward. With my MP5 at the ready I continue to move forward...till...a burst of BBs strikes me in the chest...DEAD! I look up and see the broad smile of my good friend Gerry, one of thee only operators that could normally get the drop on me on a regular basis. Long walk back to the ready area to wait for the next scenario.
The Second Scenario was get the bomb to the flag. We divided the operators into even teams by having two teams captains choose. Gerry and I ended up on the same team and it was our team's job to defend the flag from the Op-for with the bomb. I decided to give more than one life by using the 'medic' rule, if shot a fellow teammate could go over and tag you and you came back to life. Our team headed out to place the flag and get ourselves into position. We place the flag in a depression surrounded by two ridge lines and very thick brush. I radio the other team that the game was on, time to wait and keep a look out for the Op-For. I started to hear some firing and sure enough with my trusty DMR I could see the enemy engaging my team to the east. I wait for my first shot when my spotter gets hit. I work my way down to him to give him a medic. While working my way to him I take out my first two Op-For. I give my spotter his medic and we take on 4 more of the Op-For who were getting their medic. The dust begins to settle and I hear one of my teammates on the radio say that there is only one Op-For left and he was heading north to a tree line about 100 yards away. I start to track hit with my spotters scope then loose him him in some brush. Gerry and another teammate start to maneuver so we can pin this last remaining enemy. We finally corner this person and we take him out, Game over and we win the scenario. The only 'causality' my whole team took was when my spotter was hit the one time but was revived by the 'medic' that I provided.
A good day of Airsofting!!

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