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Anyone who carries a smart phone will know the horror and panic that sets in when the dreaded low battery warning flashes across the screen. Our phones and electronic devices are our lifelines; a day without them feels like an eternity stuck on a deserted island.

With the Power Bank you will no longer need to worry if your phone will last you for the rest of the day or not. This handy device is a great every day carry accessory to have with you to extend the life of your rechargeable devices batteries. Another handy feature of the Power Bank is that it also doubles as a rechargeable 250 lumen flashlight which in itself is a useful item to have with you. The flashlight has three modes of operation: high output, low output, and strobe. The unit is powered via a high quality Samsung 2600mAh rechargeable battery housed within a sturdy aluminum housing. To charge the Power Bank or to use the Power Bank to charge another device, you simply plug in the included USB cable and then using either the mini USB, micro USB, or the Apple device connector you can connect your device to recharge its battery.


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