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The Chisel MK IV is a highly versatile, feature packed Chest Rig designed to be a standalone low profile chest rig or to be worn over body armour systems.

The Chisel MK IV is lightweight and low profile whilst still providing the capability for mission ready modular pouch setups. Internally you will be able to keep all your small mission essential items organised with elastic retention and a compass lanyard point.

Included in the price is a set of low profile should straps designed to remain as flat as possible for use with packs and other harness systems. Keeping the Chisel MK IV close to the body is an elasticised waist band connected both sides via ITW Fastex clips. With a Velcro sandwich hook and loop field located on the bottom of the Chisel MK IV you will be able to insert the ASAD Dump Pouch and other various pouches utilising a Velcro sandwich system.

The Chisel MK IV also has the capability to quick attach to the Platatac APC and Platatac BADGER ASAD Armour carrier with use of the Platatac Chicom Clip Set.

The Chisel MK IV weighs just under 500 grams.

Combine this with the Chicom series products including the Y Harness and the H Harness you have the ultimate multirole, customizable Chest Rig.

Available in Multicam, Khaki and Auscam


The Platatac Chicom LW Rig is for the times when minimalist is best. Weighing just under 350 grams with Platatac Low Profile shoulder straps (sold separately) this is a seriously lightweight option for when ammo and water is only necessary.

In saying that the Chicom LW rig boasts 16 columns by 3 rows of MOLLE with 3 mesh pockets allowing the carriage of maps, GPS, gloves, headover and other similar sized items.

Designed to intergrate with the Chicom Y Harness and H Harness to be worn as a stand alone Chest Rig, the Chicom LW can also be clipped onto the Platatac APC and BADGER ASAD Armour carrier.

Made with a combination of mesh and bar tacked web tape the Chicom LW is highly breathable yet heavy duty.

Available in Multicam, Khaki and Auscam


The Platatac Chicom H-Harness is designed to quickly and securely clip into either the Chisel Mk IV or the Chicom Lightweight rig.

The H-Harness is designed in a way that it will not cause any discomfort when worn under packs or over body armour. It is a lightweight, low profile harness that will provide a stable platform to distribute weight evenly across the shoulders.

The H-Harness should straps are lined with Airmesh for padding and to promote cooling.

There are three adjustment locations. The width between the shoulders can be adjusted by simply widening the Velcro tabs, the height also be adjusted by lengthening the rear straps and the ITW QASM clips can be moved between the two front loops for further height adjustment.


The Platatac Chicom Y-Harness is designed to integrate with either the Chisel MK IV chest rig or the Chicom Lightweight Rig. The Y-Harness features Velcro comms/hydration routing, Full MOLLE backing for comm./hydration pouches. We have utilized Airmesh for comfort and to promote heat distribution.

The Y-Harness is part of the ever evolving Chicom series, with new products being released the will be updated products released that will continue to work with the Chicom series.

We have added a reinforced drag handle between the shoulders for CASEVAC.

Weighing just 300 grams this shoulder harness is designed to support heavier chest rigs.


The Platatac CHICOM Low Pro Straps are designed to remain as flat as possible for use with packs and other harness systems.

We have utilized ITW Nexus hardware and 500 denier Cordura to manufacture the straps as light as possible without sacrificing strength.

Available in Multicam, Khaki and Auscam.

More details at www.operator7airsoft.com/ and don't forget to join us on www.facebook.com/Operator7airsoft


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