Busy Week...Thank God for Airsoft

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This week I have been working on the lighting for a musical production of "Little Women the Broadway Musical". I'm a multi decade professional lighting designer. I also had jury duty this week. As you can imagine I have had a very busy week and it's only Wednesday evening as I write this blob post. I still have plenty of work to get done at the theatre and I wish I could say that the hard part of my week is over.

People ask me why I Airsoft. I simply tell them its a great stress reliever. I enjoy Airsofting because I get to go out and put myself into an imaginary world of tactics, exercise, weapons and intense emotions from the highs to the lows. I have one of my favorite Mission Days coming up this Saturday. i look forward to these games each month it comes around.

I will leave you with one question, why do you Airsoft?

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