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Keywords: Teams, shops, brands, bloggers, page, blog

Airsoft Squared just released the new pages for teams, shops, brands and bloggers.

We hope you will like the new design :
- Now you can publish your news directly from your page
- Post status with photos in your newsfeed
- Post videos
- Publish events
- Publish new items for sale directly on your page
- Members receive wall and email notifications every time you publish a news or a content. A great way to keep in touch.
- Members can contact you by writing on your wall and asking for more details about your posts if you are a blogger, about your team or your products.

To create your own page, register on then go (once logged) on and start blogging and updating our community with your news.

Events pages have been redesigned the same way. It's no super easy to manage your event, publish news and updates about your game that the participants will be able to see on their wall and receive by email.

To create an event page, register on then go (once logged) on and easily manage your games.

BONUS : every shop, manufacturer, retailer, team or association's "group pages" are displayed on the Airsoft map right here :

Discover some of the best pages you can find on Airsoft Squared :
1. Follow your favourite brands. They already post a lot :

Evike :
AirRattle :
Airsplat :
Redwolf :
Echo 1 :
G&G Armament :
Military 1st :

But also Airsoft GI, King Arms, Airsoft Outlet NW and more...

2. Spend some time browsing the great pics of the best teams in the world :
Dark Horse team :
Wolves Airsoft Club :

3. Follow the Bloggers community :
Ghost Pirate's Corsair :
Airsoft Odyssey :
Merlin's Blogspot :
Dropkick Mercenaries TV :
Airsoft Rider (France)
Airsofting in Finland :
Airsoft in Latvia :


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