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After several of our readers and friends asked us repeatedly to do some Operator7 T-shirts, we have finally decided to go forward with the idea, but instead of just making one T-shirt with our logo on it we’ve decided to launch a “brand” : Operator7 Clothing (OP7C) on the Zazzle platform as they are well know for the quality of their products and service, in time Operator7 Clothing will have not only products related to Operator7airsoft.com but also with the Airsoft Sport/Hobbie in general with everything from T-shirts,Hoodies,Sweatshirts,Jackets,Hats, Smartphone Cases just to name a few of the products that we have in mind. All the products will be designed by the Operator7 team (Nuno and Killa) and will be produced,sold and shipped by Zazzle. We truly hope that you like our “brand” and that you are as excited as we are. For more details and to see our products please visit www.operator7airsoft.com/


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