AAR: Diamond Corps Mission Day May 10th 2014

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Saturday morning May 10th, the Airsoft Operators started to roll in. The energy was high as mags were being loaded and weapons getting final checks. Safety briefing finished and 50 plus operators are divided up into three teams. Our first missions are handed out and briefings are given. All the operators take the stroll to the field and take up their starting positions. The whistle blows, the scenario has begun. Gun fire erupts all around me but I hold firm with my sniper rifle and my MP5. My primary mission is to pick off the approaching enemy as the approach the village that my team is to defend while two squads have other missions to accomplish. I snipe off two enemy right away and I hear through my earpiece that the two squads have accomplished their tasks straight away. As time is ticking away the opposing two teams are attacking from above and below the village. I sling my sniper and take a squad to attack the enemy coming from above. My squad is successful in mowing down the opposition as time runs out on the first mission.
The next two missions were very similar to the first just with different objectives in each mission. I have to say it was a very good day for me with my sniper rifle and my MP5. Overall the day was good for all the operators in attendance. Some teams used the day for training and folks like me used the day to relax and spend time with friends.

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