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Shall we make today’s news all about upgrades? Because if it’s a reliable performance upgrade you’re after, you can count on SHS and Madbull! And for best prices you can definitely count on Hristo Airsoft Store! Get loyalty points you can later use for shopping, pay by cards or PayPal, get next day delivery (for first zone), you can even get free shipping to 30 countries!

We’ve filled up on SHS springs, so you can find a suitable one for your upgrade levels:

SHS M90, M110, M120, M130, M150 springs - covering the range of 300 to over 500 fps, and the price range from just 2.65 to 4.45 €!

L96 (MB01, MB04, MB05) owners will surely be interested in getting about 550 fps, with reliable steel and aluminium parts. That's what the PPS L96 Tune Up Kit is for!

Having problems with V2 gearbox(es) beginning to crack in the front? Due to the constant impact, the front portion of V2 gearbox would begin to crack and eventually separate from the entire gearbox. The Gearbox Stabilizer features a fixed angle design, fills the space around the hop-up chamber to address the problem of front-end cracking encountered on Version 2 Gearboxes - for M4/M16 Airsoft Replicas.

The rest of SHS parts, and also other replicas, gear, parts, add-ons… can be found at www.hristo.hr!

Our prices for Madbull Black Python barrels are also sweet!

And, as always, all that is new is just a click away!


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