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As you probably know by now, here at Operator7Airsoft we always do our best to bring you good content, that being news or reviews, of course that with the launch of Operator7 Clothing we had the same objective, too bring you guys good quality products, in order to better serve you guys we realized that we needed to change the platform that we were using to launch Operator7 Clothing and although we believe Zazzle is good company/service their production cost is just too high, even with a minimal profit margin the overall cost of our products for you guys was still to high, at least in our opinion, so we decided to change the platform to Spreadshirt, another well known company on the custom clothing/acessories industry and thanks to that change we now have:

» High Quality Tshirts (mainly Gildan [USA])
» Lower prices on all our designs
» Easy to use online Shop

We sincerly hope that all our efforts with Operator7 Clothing makes it a better experience for all our friends,readers and customers when their looking for some badass clothing. But enough talk, let me show you the new Tshirts you can get at www.operator7clothing.com

More News & Reviews at www.operator7airsoft.com/ and don't forget to join us on www.facebook.com/Operator7airsoft


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