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Creation date May 24, 2014
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Our friends from OML Patches have just introduced a new line of patches to their product line, the TacScan Patches. With TacScan patches, you can have any and all personal information available when needed – but not out in the open, the TacScan patches need to be scanned with a QR reader for the information to be read, nowadays almost everyone uses some type of smartphone (Android,iOS,Windows,etc…) and those usually come with a QR reader pre-installed , but even if you don’t have one installed you can easly download one for free.

The TacScan patch could be used as a more secure battle patch – add in your personal information (name, blood type, allergies) and add the patch to your uniform. Keeps your personal information hidden until it is needed. How about ID for a bag or gear? Great idea! just add your phone number to the TacScan patch, and if your bag or gear is lost, your information is readily available. What about K9 teams? The patch is 2 x 2 and available with velcro, so you can easily attach it to your dogs harness and keep the dogs name, owner and health information safe from everyone until needed. The possibilities are endless, just think about any information that you need to have with you in a covertly manner and you can have it embedded in your patch without anyone knowing what it really is.

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