Talon Grips: Textured Grip Upgrade

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Talon grips were designed by a Firearms Instructor and Glock Armorer with the knowledge that better grip equals better control. These grips offer superior grip because of their one-piece design. This innovative design allows the grip to cover the largest area on the firearm grip as possible, giving a strong, secure, powerful hold on the firearm providing better control.

Talon Grips provides an endless array of single grip wraps for a variety of handguns and long guns. Included on Talon Grips’ growing list include Glock, Smith & Wesson and Springfield, just to name a few on a list that includes 20 more firearms manufacturers. An important aspect of the Talon Grips is their thickness, or lack thereof. Talon Grips are only .7mm thick, essentially non-existent when compared with the size of the original grip of the gun.

Talon grips are available in two textures: granulate and rubber.

The granulate texture is often compared to skateboard tape or sandpaper. It helps maintain positive grip on the firearm even when hands are wet, slippery or greasy. Granulate texture is typically preferred in competition shooting or holster carry and provides the best grip enhancement.

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