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I don't like reviewing boots until I've had chance to wear them in properly through various environments and put some good miles on them. Seeing as I've owned these boots for about a year and figured it about time I gave them a write up.

I'm a creature of habit and the first thing I do with any boots is get them on, lace them up and take them round the same 5 mile route. This gives me a common ground on which to get my first impressions.

Before I even got these out of the box you can't help but notice the feather weight of these boots. I mean for a second I thought the box might actually be empty! They weigh in at a ridiculously light 1100g (approx).. which compared to my previous Lowa Desert Elites (circa 1500g) is practically lighter than air!

On my feet the first thing I noticed was the flex, they almost instantly take to the shape of your foot without any unnecessary rigidity in the usual high mobility spots (bridge of the foot, Achilles areas), right then I knew I'd got myself some tactical slippers!

I took them out on the 5 mile loop expecting some rubbing and aching as is usual with all new boots, but a few hours later on my return there wasn't a sign of any discomfort at all. Moreover they'd stood up to the traditional Manchester monsoon excellently with no leaking or seeping at all (Note: as is common with most boots the GTX indicates Gortex lining).

Since then I've used these on 3 Milsim Ops (100+ hours) and as many training events enduring weather varying from -7 degrees blizzard, torrential rain, + 27 degrees sunshine and about everything in between. Not once have my feet felt anything but lovingly hugged by an absurd amount of comfort, and even more surprising, a higher than expected level of support from a boot so flexible and light. I can only put this down to the way the sole section form up the side of the boot cradling the foot.

As you can see from the photos the boots have held up remarkably well showing no significant signs of wear and zero signs of damage at all. Even the interior is still as good as new with no signs of wear and tear.

I've used nothing but Lowa boots for 4 years (which is only 3 pairs of Lowa's all of which are still going strong) and these are the best i've had to date by quite some way.

They excel in terms of comfort, durability and haven't failed to offer support through all the environments I've used them in to date. In conclusion they're a lightweight boot with a heavyweight punch!

Highly recommended combat creepers!

[[Review made by Voodoo One-Zero member of the Task Force Voodoo Airsoft Team based out of the UK. Once again,thanks for letting us publish your review mate!]]
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