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Airsoft season 2011 is almost over and we believe its time to make planning for upcoming year 2012, there for we would like to give you quick update about what is happening behind the scene of Borderwar 4: The Newcomer.

Next Border war scenario is fully online on our web page so you can get all details regarding the event in Czech, English, German and Russian language. In general Border war 4 will bring us into orient into a intense modern warfare MILSIM spiced up with some very special LARP elements.

You have an option to join either Task Force 359 units or Mercenary Iron Legion of Sultan Hassan. For LARP enthusiast we have many options of LARP realisation in civilian and Press section.

For all players we are planning many tactical and strategic MILSIM missions connected to the evolving scenario, as well we plan more combined platoon operations for some of the large scale company size operations.

We are also planning to improve our LARP element to bring it event further than last time.

You can again expect dynamic MILSIM that will test your teams in airsoft combat, MILSIM skills, strategy, navigation, and of course walking J. We have carefully studied your feedback from BW3 in order to focus on the fine tuning of the BW4 to make it even better than BW3.

Main planned improvements:

Game length extended:
One of the main improvements we are planning is the extension of game scenario from 32 to 50 hours. Game will start on Friday 12:01 p.m. at noon and will end on Sunday at 14.00 p.m.

Player transport:
We are now working on a solution to bring some kind of a truck to use it as in game transport for the players during the event.

We will be using helicopters during and before the event as well.

Sightseeing helicopter flights will be available before game start from the offzone, flight tickets will be sold on spot. More information about prices and flight program will be available soon on the web page News section.

In game usage of helicopters is also planned. In order to be inserted with helicopter you must join one of the Airmobile platoons either of Task force or S.E.L.A. if there would be more people interested to be in Airmobile platoon, than one platoon per army as we kind of expect. We might extend the number of airmobile platoons after registration starts. Airmobile platoon will have higher registration fee because we need to add price for the insertion by helicopter.

Stay tuned for more information on the main web page for more news and updates.

Tickets will be available from 29 Euro early tickets (last year they vere sold out in 3 minutes), 39 Euro regular tickets and 49 Euro for last moment tickets. Of course tickets traditionally include sausage, 1 non alcoholic beer, and 1 tea.

We are planning to have more improvements but some of them as their are under development we want to still keep secret.

Start of registration is from 1st of December 20:00 p.m. CET. Don't miss first 100 discounted tickets for 29 Euro!

You can find all related videos from us and from players on our BW youtube channel here: www.youtube.com/user/MikevonBulow

We would like to thank you for your support and feedback you are giving us so we can improve our event from year to year to better in order to bring more satisfaction to all participants. We are looking forward to see you at the end of April 2012 on Border War 4.
Please be so kind tell your friends and fellow airsofters about the event and post information on your local forums so we more players know about our event.

Handy posters for forums can be found here: www.borderwar.cz/sites/download.php

Thank you very much in advance,

With best regards,

Yours BW Crew

General questions: info@borderwar.cz
Payment related questions: payment@borderwar.cz


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