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The Torn Op/Mission day started by dividing all the operators into two separate teams. The we were instructed to pull all our magazines Into a medium size canvas bag for the weapons we were going to carry into the field all but one magazine of our choice. This caused much puzzlement amongst the teammates. After all the mags were gathered the bag was taken away by one of the marshals. Then the teams were given a series of envelopes which we were instructed that we were only allowed to open them in order as they were marked A through F. Then the head marshal gave each team a jump off point.

At the jump off point we were allowed to open the first envelope. The instructions were to find our canvas bag with our gear inside, find MREs, a tarp and some 550 chord. We first found a canvas bag but it was the opposing teams bag/gear. We were instructed to not move/hide the bag but we left a booby trap inside the bag, a hand grenade with the pin pulled. We continued on and found our bag and other items on the list on the opposite end of the field with no bobby traps...lol

Once we found our gear we opened the second envelope. We were allowed to take our extra gear, look for more MREs and pitch a shelter with the supplies we had on hand. While this was being done by a few of my teammates the rest of us set-up a perimeter around our camp waiting for our next set of instructions. Our next set of orders was to take 'President's Rock' and hold it for 30 minutes and to find the radio pack and return it to our camp. Taking presidents rock was literally an uphill battle. We would get knocked back but we kept fighting. While on Presidents rock we were able to locate and secure our radio pack and take it back to our camp.

The entire day was filled with taking and holding positions, killing VIPs, stealing MREs from the other team, placing and explosive charge on the opposing teams mortar, etc. The day was filled with mission after mission and fierce fire fights with the opposing team. Over all I would have to say that the team that I was a part of took the day. I'm very proud t be apart of the team that I was a member of.

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