AAR: Phantom Corsair Mission Day - June 22nd, 2014

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Sunday morning's mission day was one of the most fun I have had in a few months. We only had seven operators show up but the numbers did not diminish the four scenarios that were held. The first three scenarios were four on three 'Attack and Defend' and the last was the 'Down Pilot' scenario. We kept the field boundaries small which kept the scenarios very intimate. I have to admit that the best scenario of the morning was the 'Down Pilot' scenario. I played the down pilot armed with only my sidearm. I hads two defenders looking out for my safety. Even though my protection got split up then killed off I was on the run, literally on the run, lol. After ducking in and out of the brush working my way back to the LZ and coming close to getting shot by one of the defenders. After my close call I went on the run again right into two rifles pointed right at me. All I could do was put my hands up and hope my one last protection force would find me before I was led back to the 'enemy's camp'. Well, it was not meant to be, after a walk with my hands in the air and no one to save me I was officially captured. That is the most running I have done in a long while but it felt great and was lots of fun.
To the other six participants from yesterday's Mission Day, I want to thank you for a great morning of Airsoft!

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