10 Most Expensive (and Awesome) Airsoft Systems

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What are the Most Expensive Airsoft Guns and Systems?

Robbie gives his recommendations for his 10 favorite airsoft systems.

10. PolarStar Fusion Engine / Pr-15

The Polarstar Fusion Engine (FE) is an amazing advancement in airsoft. It use high pressure air (HPA) to propel the BB instead of using a spring and piston. It uses standard AEG mags and can be adjusted to use poorly feeding magazines. The Rate of Fire is entirely independent from FPS making this a versatile system. You can get either the Polarstar build that uses VFC bodies or you can get one of there several types of FE’s to install into your own gun. You can get these in v2, v3, and m249 “gearbox” types. There are almost no moving parts in any of the versions. Did I mention they also have a small computer in them called the Fire Control Unit? I will get into that later in the review though.

For the top 9 most expensive weapon systems please follow the link:

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