AAR: Phantom Corsair Mission Day - June 29th, 2014

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A Great day out at Shanghai Bend field today...we had 20 operators in attendance!! This is the most Airsoft Operators we have had in quite a while. First Scenario was a Attack and defend on a vast sandy area of the field. The cover consists of mostly tall and thick shrubbery and small rolling hills. My platoon was on the offensive and we divided into two squads. I led my squad and I decided to try and out flank the defenders from the right. The second squad took the left side. It worked for the most part but the defenders were pretty well dug in within the shrubbery and some high ground.

The second scenario we reversed roles. I took my squad and we dug in within a tree line which had some depressions and a few trenches. We just waited for the offense to show up. Right on cue the entire offensive platoon was walking right down the middle of the road like they were on parade. On my signal we waited for the platoon to be within range and we opened up on them. A few of the offense went down right away and the others scattered looking for cover. I sent out three of my operators to flush out the opposition while the rest of my platoon provided cover fire. We continued these tactics till we won the scenario. None of the opposition could hide.

The third and final scenario of the day was a force on force with smaller numbers. We ended up having six on six due to some of the operators calling it a day due to the heat and other obligations. This scenario was played in a smaller area filled with thick and tall brush that has mini pathways that run through it. As we worked through this thick brush your hearing and sight seem to be heightened, listening for the snap of a twig or a glance of the opposition. Fire fights start to breakout all around...I was taken out early...I never saw it coming. My squad did win the scenario.

For those of you that couldn't make it out you missed a Good Mission Day. Good Airsofting all around! Good job Phantom Corsairs!
Till next Sunday!!

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