Ares Airsoft – new AEG on the Amoeba series

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ARES Airsoft announced today the new addition to their Amoeba series of AEGs, the new AM-013 will be available on August 2014 and like the other Amoeba AEGs the AM-013 comes with a high quality platic body made out of nylon fiber polymer and the programmable EFCS (Electronic Firing Control System) trigger, probably one of the best electronic triggers i’ve ever seen on a regular AEG, the ARES Airsoft AM-013 also comes LiPo ready from the factory and includes an High Torque motor so you know that you will have a reliable AEG for those high speed low drag Airsoft operations and don’t forget about that badass handguard that not only looks amazing but it’s also CNC machined so you know it’s high quality, overall it looks like it’s going to be a great AEG to have when it hits the market. I’m a proud owner of an ARES Airsoft - Amoeba M4-CG-003 Carbine and if the AM-013 it’s anything like it in terms of quality i will get myself a AM-013 as soon as i can, plus it looks like an AAC (Advanced Armament Corporation) Honey Badger PDW, so not only do you get a lightweight high quality AEG it’s also a replica of a badass firearm.I do have to say…i’m impressed.
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