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Today we bring you some news about our “brand” Operator7Clothing with the launch of a new design already available at www.Operator7Clothing.com in four different colors, time to bring out the Operator in you and show everyone your new Operator7Clothing Tshirt with a design of the grim reaper armed with an M16 . Avaliable in Black,Brown,TAN and Grey for $18.00 from www.Operator7Clothing.com when you buy this Tshirt or any other Tshirt from Operator7Clothing please send us a photo of you with it so that we can publish it on our Facebook Page

More News & Reviews at www.operator7airsoft.com/ and don't forget to join us on www.facebook.com/Operator7airsoft

Also check out Operator7 Clothing:www.operator7clothing.com


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