AAR: Phantom Corsair Mission Day - July 6th, 2014

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Creation date July 07, 2014
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Todays turn out was not as spectacular as last week's but we still had eight faithful operators in attendance. We managed to play a force on force with four operators per side. Action started right from the start with a sneak attack from two operators that were on the defending team. The attacking team was able to suppress and kill the defending operators after much gunfire and maneuvering of the attacking force. The hunt continued after the first gun battle for the remainder of the defending team. Boots on the ground looking everywhere where they could possibly be. The attacking team sees one then a second defender. The attacking force maneuver in to box in the defenders then the fire fight begins. One of the attacking team goes down but the attacking team takes out both of the defenders.
All in all for only having eight operators the game play was fast at times and very tactical. A good exercise had by all. Till next week!

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