Primary Arms – Micro Dot Classic MD-06L Red-Dot

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In the world of red dot sights, there exist essentially two quality grades. The first is airsoft quality dots, which may or may not rattle themselves to pieces within a few times of using them and might hold zero or not, typically priced around 20 to 60 dollars. NCStar,UTG and several chinese made brands are the usual suspects in this group. The second is truly high-grade combat proven red-dots that will hold together until long after the apocalypse, these tend to be quite a bit more expensive, 300 dollars or more, and are usually made by Aimpoint, Trijicon, or EOTech.

Then you have Primary Arms that busted onto the US market a few years ago, and they’ve been taking the red dot world by storm. They have rapidly become a favorite for mid-range red dots with decent quality without breaking the bank. One of the most popular red-dot sights from Primary Arms is their Micro Dot Classic MD-06 and Micro Dot Classic MD-06L due not only to it’s quality but also because it looks like an aimpoint micro T1 and that just adds to the cool factor.

Now keep in mind that the Primary Arms red-dot sights are intended to be used in Firearms and because of that you can expect a rugged and long lasting red-dot sight, by now you thinking that the Micro Dot Classic MD-06L from Primary Arms would cost you at the very least $150.00 right?… WRONG!! They typically go for $79.99 but they are currently on sale for only $49.95

So the question is, if you can use a “real deal” red-dot sight on your Airsoft gun for only $50.00 why the hell would you buy a poor quality Airsoft red-dot replica? You wouldn’t!


Angled and Coated front lens to prevent glare
LED emitter at 7:30 position to allow cowitness
Brightness adjustment on the left. Ideal for bench and prone use.
Ultra sharp 3 MOA dot
1,000+ hour battery life at medium setting
Uses 1 CR2032 battery (included)
11 brightness settings
Visible in bright sunlight
Fits any industry standard Micro mount.
Illumination knob on the left
Fog resistant
Bikini covers included
Only weighs 4.5 ounces
Front threaded for optional Killflash
One year manufacturer warranty

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