LCT AS Val action video by RBAirsoft

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Creation date July 20, 2014
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Games at PKS-Airsoft, Korpilampi July 13th 2014.

Using a LCT AS Val AEG, it worked like a charm. It is a bit weak for woodland games but it shot at a great distance so it got a great hop-up unit. It will be perfect for CQB games. Mags fed well and 50 round mid-caps really make you not spray around bb's that much when you only got 3 of them. But it had a snappy semi fire with 11.1V Lipo.

Great day of airsofting, it was very warm and I used a lot of water. Fielded my new ANA Gorka-3, and like my other Gorka it did not disapoint.

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