German GunWorks proudly presents their first rifle

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The custom gun manufacturer "German GunWorks" proudly presented their first rifle which is made to be sold. They`ve choosen VFCs MP5SD3 GBB and made the GGW 1302 / MP5SD DEVGRU AOR1 out of it. The features of the gun are as spectacular as the pictures and they are:

- 551 holo-sight replica
- MP5 low profile mount
- Foregrip
- CNC made DEVGRU style rail
- LA-5 PEQ15 dummy
- GPS dummy
- GPS AOR1 case
- AOR1 sling
- Hand made airbrush paintjob in AOR1
- Dusted airbrush finish
- Realistic ageing under realistic ergonomical aspects
- Comes with certification of authenticity
- 100% hand made changes made in Germany

Also this gun had a history which was written: "The MP5SD DEVGRU AOR1 is a realistic airsoft replica of a NAVY SEAL MP5SD which was in use in different Afghanistan Pakistan and Iraq operations. The showed standard of the gun can be dated from 2011 till today." The gun itself was exclusively made for the austrian shop but GGW hopes to find more dealers which are interested in own limited production lines from them. The MP5SD at all looks awsome and the guys from GGW themselfes really love their product. If you are interested in this high-level finished airsoft, you are now able to place a pre-order and become one of the first owners of one of these.


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