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Hi guys,
today i’m not here to report on some news or to post a review, i’m here to say goodbye, the time has come for me to leave Operator7 it was a really hard decision for me but it had to be done, it has been a great experience for the last year and a half and i have really enjoyed reporting news, making reviews and interact with some of you guys but now i have to follow a different path, i don’t really know where this path will lead me, in any case, one thing is certain i will still write about Airsoft,Gear,Knives,Guns,etc…in some type of way.

I would like to thank Nuno the Operator7 Chief Editor for the opportunity he gave me back in January 2013 and i sincerly hope that all goes well with him and with Operator7.

If you would like to keep in touch feel free to add me on my personal social media pages:





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