Free Drop-in Replacement – SMG 8 Magazine Upgrade Part #134

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Are you a lucky WE SMG owner? If so then this one is for you:
WE are replacing a part of the SMG gas mags with some more performing ones:

For those who own a WE SMG 8 please contact us to receive a free upgrade part for your rifle magazine(s).

The upgrade part is a drop-in replacement for part #134 for your SMG 8 magazine.

Our R&D department has received your valuable feedback regarding this model and has designed this upgrade part to further improve on the magazine’s gas efficiency. This will allow you a greater number of rounds per refill and improved performance

Also according to WE retailers will be responsible to put this in place for customers who have purchased the gun or just the mags, so go ahead and ask your the retailer where you got yours when the parts will be available.

More info on this at WE’s Facebook page.


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