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WE has released pre-production photos of the WE G17, a copy of the Glock 17. The WE G17 does have trademarks, but they are not entirely accurate to the real Glock 17. Also, the WE's grip does not have the removable back straps, which makes this a replica of the gen3 Glocks, and not the newest gen4 Glocks. The juicy details are still unknown.

We are on the lookout for new info such as :
1. Price-point : How much this gun will cost, along with magazines.
2. Compatibility : What system is the WE G17 based off of? KWA?KSC?TM? Or is it new?
3. Are different Glock models going to be produced? G18?G19?G26?

Known Information :
1. It is a green-gas, gas blow back pistol.
2. The frame is polymer, and the slide is metal.
3. The serial bar on the frame acts as a safety.
4. It is a gen3 and NOT a gen4.

If you want more info or videos on cool airsoft stuff like the WE glock 17 , check out my Youtube channel. www.Youtube.com/EZairsoft


Nezin I just got one, If you would like me to get you some info, i can, i will just need to know how i can help. Mine was Limited Edition, came with a Threaded Orange Outer barrel and a Silencer with some trades on it, Got one from www.evike.com/product_info.php

Listed as

A USA First Exclusive" Custom WE G17 Full Metal Gas Blowback with Mock Silencer and threaded metal outer barrel installed.

7 years ago

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