XPower M18 Mine CO2 Powered Claymore Reviewed

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A CO2 powered M18 Claymore Mine is a real game changer!

Its probably the best CO2 Claymore you can get and features:
•Clacker detonation – switch the unit off/on and remote detonation, plus a handy locator should you forget where you placed the main M18 unit!
•Thermal Infrared sensor detonation - An infrared function triggered by heated objects, just be careful the odd woodland creature doesn't set this off.
•Tripwire detonation – unit comes supplied with a trip wire but any length of twine or fishing line will do, ‘old skool' style.
•Scissor Legs – easily folded for stowage or unfolded for quick accurate deployment in the field, made of steel and totally adjustable for angle.

If your buying a Claymore this is the ONE to get


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