ARES AMOEBA Honey Badger Review

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Here is my latest review on the ARES Amoeba Honey Badger, published on A.C.E.:

I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the first units to arrive in the UK of the new ARES Amoeba AM-013DE.

This is another very exclusive and unique gun brought from the real steel world, and probably as many of you might know made quite an appearance in Call of Duty Ghosts.

The original Honey Badger was made by AAC or Advance Armament Corporation, made its first public appearance back in 2012 and was initially created by request of the special operations community who was looking for a familiar gun system to effectively replace guns such as the Heckler&Koch MP5 and other similar PDW’s. This new system had to be lightweight, prepared for sub sonic round for suppressed sound and flash, reliable .30 caliber compatible, low recoil and have the ability to penetrate barriers with a high mass projectile. Hence the Honey Badger was born!

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