Review: WE XDM Compact 3.8 Short GBB Pistol

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Creation date December 10, 2012
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Just like its big brother XD-M, reviewed here in its Airsoft version by Moondog, the XD-M Compact belongs to the XD-M family from Springfiled Armory USA. These show an evolution of theirXD line of products which, as just acknowledged by Springfield and noted on Moondog's video review, draws inspiration in a number of other popular guns but is presented in a very well finished and innovative package.

The XD-M Compact is of course noticeably smaller and more compact than most .45 ACP caliber guns. It also carried its frame from the XD-M with slightly modified contours and its purpose is to offer a compact and light weapon, easy to carry and conceal, with just about the same features and ergonomics that are present on the XD-M.

The Airsoft version is very faithful to the real steel, and its aesthetics makes it indeed a very remarkable and unique gun produced by WE.

I would like to thank Robert from CWI Airsoft for making this review possible.

To read the complete review click on the link bellow.


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