Russian M1895 Nagant Revolver at CWI Airsoft

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Great news for Revolver lovers: CWI Airsoft have now in stock the Russian M1895 Nagant Revolver:

The M1895 revolver was used extensively by the Russian Imperial Army and later by the Soviet Union after the Russian Revolution. In Russian service, it was known for its extreme sturdiness and ability to withstand abuse. As one former Imperial Russian officer stated, "if anything went wrong with the M1895, you could fix it with a hammer"

So if you are in the market for unique and Era gun replicas, this is a great opportunity, since CWI Airsoft have two versions of the M1895 in Black and in Silver finish. These revolvers are powered by CO2 and are selling at $207.06.

For more information on the original gun visit Wikipedia, to get the Airsoft version got at CWI Airsoft.


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