Open Skirm " Red October " Area 57 Givet

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Area 57 is the newest airsoft arena in Europe. Area 57 isn't bound by a specific location; Area 57 goes everywhere we go!

Area 57 provides professional airsoft adventures with a high degree of realism, organised and guided by a team of enthousiastic professionals. Next to that, we organise clinics for rookie airsofters as well as Pro skirms for advanced players.

It is with great pride that we can now announce the first location where the Area 57 Experience will be epically launched! Area 57 Givet (France) is a former military training facility modelled after an Afghan village, featuring bunkers and a large tunnel system. This fantastic arena facilitates a wide array of games, such as CQB and woodlands, and gaming types (assault, sniper, ...).

You will find the first skirm dates at

Clear these dates in your calendar! Signup details follow a.s.a.p., so keep checking out this Facebook page for the latest updates.

We hope to see you soon @ Area 57!

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