Epic Close Quarter Combat airsoft video by RBAirsoft

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Creation date December 16, 2012
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This is the latest CQC/CQB video from Proairsoft Areena in Jätkäsaari Helsinki. Another great day of airsofting and i liked the new layout of the gaming area. That 2 floor clearing was at the end of the video was a blast. There will be additional second floors as soon as building starts again.

It is a very difficult site to master and you have to watch all directions so that you won't get shot. And I got shot up a lot, got the bruises to prove it. If you have possibility to come play at this site I recommend it to everyone. And especially to players in Finland I urge you to come play!

So here is the video for you to enjoy and as always comment and give feedback so I can improve the videos!


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