Review: MadBull Noveske NSR & Crusader Barrel

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Creation date September 23, 2014
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I’ve recently had the opportunity to run a very nice setup on my WE Katana AEG: the Madbull Noveske NSR handguard and Crusader outer barrel. Together they work in a way that the guns gains balance, ergonomics and looks:

MadBull Airsoft have simply the best and most realistic accessories for Airsoft guns in the market nowadays. The fact that they have several major real steel brands licensing airsoft versions of their products is an obvious sign that they’re doing what it takes not only to provide realistic Airsoft replicas as well as superbly manufactured products.

The Noveske NSR Handguard and Crusader barrel are no exceptions to the rule, as I’ve had the opportunity to assess during the past few months that I’ve been running these on my badass WE Katana AEG which after a while of being stopped, is working again!

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