Pre-Order Estimated Arrival 12/21/2012 - KWA KRISS Vector

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Pre-Order Estimated Arrival 12/21/2012 - KWA KRISS Vector Gas Blow Back SMG GBB Airsoft Gun
Holiday Sale Price: $379.95 - Limited Quantity Offer

Description -
The KRISS Vector is a weapon designed for the 21st century and has revolutionized the firearm industry. Manufacturing of the KRISS Vector began in 2006 by world renowned KRISS Arms. French engineer Renaud Kerbrat designed the action of the KRISS Super V System that redirects the bolt off-axis into a recess cavity behind the magazine well in the weapon. This effectively reduces felt recoil and muzzle climb. The KRISS Super V System allows for superior control and quick follow up shots when engaging multiple targets.

The KRISS Vector by KWA was developed in conjunction with KRISS Arms to produce an accurate training platform. It utilizes a high impact polymer on the receiver and folding stock to help reduce weight while maintaining durability and strength. All the weapon mechanics of the KRISS Vector have been transferred over and replicated in its airsoft counterpart. Realistic charging handle and functional bolt catch trains the operator proper weapon manipulation with the Kriss platform. It is capable of firing not only in both semi and full automatic modes, but also in a quick two round burst. Other features include a folding adjustable stock, flip-up front and rear sights, and threaded barrel. Utilizing both the KRISS Super V System and the KWA Force Velocity engine, the KRISS Vector by KWA provides the most realistic training experience without compromising performance.

Package Includes: Gun, magazine and Manual

Realistic construction and field stripping
Fiber reinforced polymer upper and lower receiver
Aluminum alloy inner frame
Closed Bolt, simulated KRISS Super V System delayed-blowback
Adjustable front and rear folding sights
Folding stock
Accessory rails
Semi, 2 round burst, and full auto selective fire
Adjustable hop-up


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