A giveaway for Xmas. Fully CQB basket.

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GreenBB launch a Giveaway in its facebook "greenbb airsoft" this Xmas. All you need to play CQB. All are welcome and the basket will be sent with no charges to any part of the world.
Pistola Socom Gear---------------------Gun
Silenciador Socom Gear----------------Silencer
Cantimplora Pakteen de Camelbak---Canteen
Coderas y rodilleras de Alta Tactical--Elbow, Knee protectors.
Guantes Oakley-------------------------Gloves
Gafas ESS--------------------------------Goggles
Casco Protec----------------------------Helmet
Bolsillo portacargadores MadBull------Pocket pouches
Diana recogebolas Marui --------------Auto target shooting
Botella de gas Evolution Airsoft ------Gas
3 bolsas de bolas GreenBB------------ 3kg bb's GreenBB bio

Merry Xmas to all airsofters and godd luck !!!!!

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