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THE GAME Scenario

The year is 2019.
The conflicts in eastern europe have increased sharply. After the Eastern Alliance (EA) has occupied large parts of their former territories, in 2015 the United European Forces (UEF) has been founded – a military coalition of allies and the last rampart towards east.
The UEF has been fighting for 4 years in eastern europe now. After Polen has just dropped to the hands of the EA, the troops of the UEF concentrate near the city Milovice in Czechia.
With air support and atillerie units the UEF attempts to stop the foray of the EA and their mighty tanks. Unfortunately civilists are repeatedly victims of the combats crossfire, the number of victims increase daily.
Because there's no avoiding any longer, many civilists have unite under the banner of the Freedom Defenders (FD's). The FD's are fighting against everything and everyone, ally themselves with everyone they're expecting benefit of and only be anxious to represent their particular interests.
Regrettably it's sometimes necessary to cooperate with them, because they know the terrain and often get informations from the population. But always watch out...

The UEF has set up their base camp close to the front and entrench themselves.
The past has shown that a straight attack from the EA with their tanks is hardly to withstand. So the UEF sends constantly interfere-units on missions to impede the EA on their advance, to interrupt their ordnance and to spread misinformation.
And it's getting worse – the information that the EA is relocating a rocket launching site to Milovice has just arrived.
This base has to be neutralized as quickly as possible, so that the EA finds Milovice a hard nut to crack. The fortifications of the UEF are built out well, armored fast vehicles are enabled.
The EA has to occupy the anti-aircraft emplacement first, only then the missile attack in the UEF base could happen.
Satellite surveillance shows that various little outposts has been established. In addition to it rumours are circulating that important political hostages held captive in a train. An enormous leverage which has to be eliminated.
The UEF helicopters have to try to get behind the enemy lines and to cause as much confusion as possible. Another important point is to stop the enemy's supplies...



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